• Chantel Ard


Is gonna be my year!

Reflecting on this past year I've been looking back and there were so many times I doubted myself and my work. Looking at how far I've come, I'm so damn proud of all I've created and done and all that I've learned and know what I can do to better myself. I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish I was better Like[ insert other boudoir photographers} and you know what, I'm no longer comparing myself to anyone but my SELF, I'm going to outdo myself this year. I'm pushing myself to help even more ladies on their self love journey and help couples fall in love all over again. There's gonna be more love, more passion, more steam,more connection, more self love and appreciation. It's coming, and it's coming in HOT, who's ready to see, and to be apart of it?! 🔥

I'm living my dream doing what I love, and I'm ready to see what I can do this year. Come on 2020, let's go. ✨ 📷 Photo of me photo credit- Amanda Faith Photography

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